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Harrison Ford would be 'very anxious' to return for 'Blade Runner' sequel

Harrison Ford would be 'very anxious' to return for 'Blade Runner' sequel

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Harrison Ford has completed a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, in which he reminisced about being offered a part in 1977's Star Wars, confirmed his interest in a possible Blade Runner sequel, and revealed that the man who plays Indiana Jones does indeed like snakes.

The actor is heavily rumored to be at work on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, but did not confirm during the course of the Q&A session whether he would be returning to play suave smuggler Han Solo. He did, however, discuss another of his most famous roles, saying he was "curious and excited" about the prospect of a second Blade Runner movie. Ford, who played protagonist Deckard in the 1982 sci-fi classic, said he would be "anxious" to work with director Ridley Scott again, provided the script for a possible sequel was good. Scott was reported to be in talks about a sequel to Blade Runner in 2012, but few hard details have surfaced.

Ford said he would be "anxious" to work with Ridley Scott on a 'Blade Runner' sequel

Ford also shared a range of stories from his lengthy career. Some of his most famous scenes and quotes — such as the "I know" response to Carrie Fisher's "I love you" in The Empire Strikes Back — are famously regarded as ad-libs. The actor clarified their origin, saying that the new lines were suggestions he floated during the filming process rather than total surprises to the cast and director. When asked about his most outlandish injury, he recalled tearing a ligament in his knee after being run over by an airplane on the set of the first Indiana Jones movie, but could not recall which knee was injured. He was also asked to clarify whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Ford, well-known for his gruff responses during interviews, offered a pitch-perfect reply: "I don't know and I don't care."