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Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues: the latest news and updates

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The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has largely turned up more mysteries than answers. While the aircraft, which was carrying 239 passengers, is believed to have crashed far off course in the Indian Ocean around eight hours after it departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, there was no evidence of its wreckage there even a month on after the disappearance. Instead, investigators have had to rely on radio pings and information from radar to track MH370's unexpected course.Investigators believe that someone may have tampered with the aircraft, as most of the systems keeping it in contact with its airline were turned off shortly into the flight. The plane also appears to have been deliberately steered off course, though it remains unclear what led to these events. As time passes, investigators believe that it will be harder to find debris from the plane as it's scatted by the ocean's currents, but the hunt still continues for signs of its wreckage and what led to its disappearance.