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Google's lottery registration for I/O 2014 begins today at 4PM PT

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if you're hoping to attend Google I/O, the company's massive annual developers event, today is the day to register. Google just announced that window to sign up will open today at 4PM PT and remain active through April 18th at 2PM PT. Tickets have traditionally been quite hard to come by — I/O 2013 sold out in less than an hour — so Google's trying something different this year. Just as Apple is doing with WWDC '14 registrations, I/O attendees will be picked in a random lottery, so you can get your name in anytime in the next few days and theoretically have just as good a shot as anyone else.

There aren't any details on what exactly Google will be showing off at I/O this year, but the company did say that it'll focus on "design, development, and distribution" of whatever apps developers want to create. As for when you'll find out if Google drew your name for this year's I/O, you won't have to wait too long — the company says it'll update you on the status of your registration around April 21st. Google I/O 2014 will take place on June 25th and 26th in San Francisco.