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HTC One, Sony Xperia Z2, and the Galaxy S5: Android's flagship phones in pictures

The big three stand side by side

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They're the big three Android smartphone launches so far this year — HTC's 2014 One, Sony's Xperia Z2, and Samsung's Galaxy S5 — and they are all now hitting stores across the world. We've pulled them together for a picture comparison to take a look at some of the more intricate differences that exist between them. While each handset has a 1080p resolution, the One has a 5-inch screen, the S5 uses a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED panel, and the Z2 is the biggest at 5.2 inches. It's tough to draw a physical distinction between them, however, owing to the One's big vertical bezels and the similarity in thickness and weight.

The HTC One is the only one of the group to not offer water resistance, but that also means it's the only one that doesn't cover up its USB port with a flap. You'll find the headphone jack nestled next to the charger port at the bottom of that handset. Samsung and Sony position the headphone jack at the top, and also differ from the One in placing their power buttons on the side of the phone. Each of the three has a microSD card slot, though Sony's is most readily accessible, sitting behind a side-mounted cover. The Xperia Z2 combines a pair of leading features from its competitors in having dual front-firing speakers like the One and even better waterproofing than the S5. It's also the only handset to offer a dedicated camera key. Finally, perhaps the biggest difference of all is in the materials, with the HTC One using a unibody aluminum shell, the Z2 sticking with Sony's tried and trusted glass design, and Samsung introducing its latest effort to make plastic feel premium with the S5.

HTC One, Sony Xperia Z2, and Samsung Galaxy S5: 2014's flagship Android phones