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Apple reportedly integrating Shazam song detection into iOS

Apple reportedly integrating Shazam song detection into iOS

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Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a music identification feature for iOS that will allow iPhone and iPad users to use their device's microphone to work out what song is playing. Sources familiar with the feature say that the company is partnering with Shazam Entertainment, which has its own song detection app, to build the software into iOS itself.

Shazam, which asks users to hold their device near a sound source while it matches the music against an extensive database, currently has more than 90 million monthly users across a range of devices and operating systems. But the app, which comes free with ad support, or for $5.99 without, necessitates a download from the relevant app store.

Sources say song detection will be integrated into future versions of iOS

According to Bloomberg, the integration of Apple's feature into future versions of iOS means users won't need to download a separate app. As with Twitter's current iOS integration, the feature will be controllable through Siri: sources say users will be able to ask Siri "what song is playing?" and receive an accurate response from the voice-controlled assistant itself. The next version of Apple's operating system, iOS 8, is expected to be previewed at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in June.