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Nokia suspends Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to electric shock risk

Nokia suspends Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to electric shock risk

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Nokia has suspended sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet in the UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland after discovering a fault with its charger. Around 30,000 users are affected, and Nokia is recommending anyone who owns the specific charger (AC-300) to stop using it immediately.

The issue stems from the plastic cover of the charger's plug, which "could come loose and separate." This would expose internal components that "pose a hazard of an electric shock" if touched while the plug is in a live socket. In addition to "delaying" the sales of the 2520 in the above countries, the company is also halting sales of the charger in the US, where it's marketed as the "Lumia 2520 Travel Charger."

Article-image-2520charger-v1-2000x1000-jpgAn image of the faulty charger.

Nokia says that there have been no confirmed incidents of the fault, making today's decision to suspend sales a precautionary measure. It also adds that the charger is produced by a third party, and no other Nokia chargers are affected by the issue. The company has set up a site for concerned consumers to gain more information and advice, which can be found at