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A toymaker's quest for the best cup of coffee in the world

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Norwegian Aeropress Championship 2014
Norwegian Aeropress Championship 2014
Flickr / Pål-Kristian Hamre

Our own Dan Seifert has spent years convincing the Verge staff of the AeroPress' coffee brewing supremacy. The $30 plastic-and-rubber plunger system has inspired a world brewing championship and a number of modifications, some of which are hotly debated among coffee enthusiasts. But before the AeroPress, inventor Alan Adler had already made a career of improving classic designs: he's also behind the Aerobie flying ring, a stable, long-distance cousin of the Frisbee. Priceonomics has the long and fascinating story behind Adler's inventions, and it's worth a read, even if you never really drink coffee.