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T-Mobile backtracks on corporate discounts, grandfathering current customers

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After receiving some backlash earlier this week when it announced that it was ending its corporate discount program, T-Mobile has backtracked somewhat and decided to grandfather in everyone who currently participates, allowing them to keep their discounts as long as they remain with a participating employer and stay on a qualifying plan — its primary Simple Choice plans included.

T-Mobile previously said that later this month it would be phasing out the discounts that it gives to employees of various companies in favor of $25 credits toward new phones — a significantly worse value than having a percentage taken off of their phone bills every month. Regular corporate discounts are still being phased out in favor of the device credits for new customers, but there won't be a change for anyone who's already signed up.

The change is certainly not in line with the other "Uncarrier" moves that T-Mobile has made — no matter how it tries to spin it — but its decision to grandfather in current customers should certainly ease the sudden transition for existing subscribers.