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Amazon's tablets will be a companion for FireTV music listening and TV watching

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Amazon just announced its new set-top box the FireTV, and along with it comes some impressive features. One of the more exciting is the device's second screen integration: FireTV supports Amazon's X-Ray feature for movies and television, and you can view that information on your tablet while you enjoy video on your TV. This includes information on programs and films pulled from IMDB, and when you're using an Amazon tablet you'll get X-ray notifications sent from the FireTV. The feature will even support music, so you can check out lyrics as a song is playing. It sounds like a similar tool to Microsoft's Smart Glass integration with the Xbox One. In addition to the second screen features, Amazon also revealed that the FireTV will double as a game console, complete with its own controller and a library of thousands of titles including Minecraft. The FireTV is shipping today and will cost you $99.99.

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