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Gmail reportedly testing new inbox tabs, 'snooze' feature for messages

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Gmail may be getting some new inbox-wrangling features. Android screenshots leaked by suggest that Google is testing a version of Gmail with new tabs for travel, purchases, and finance, which will supplement the current Social, Promotional, Updates, and Forums tabs that users can add alongside their default inbox. These extra options were added to Gmail's Smartlabels lab feature earlier this year, but they'd be a set of fairly specific expansions for Gmail tabs. The leaked version is also said to include some new tools for making sure important messages don't get lost. In place of the old stars, there's apparently a system for pinning messages to the top of your inbox, and a snooze feature lets you read an email, then set it to be marked as unread and moved back to the top of the inbox after a set period of time.

As always, this design could be just a preliminary test, and given how many experimental features Google has tried out over the years, these aren't entirely new options. As of 2011, for example, you could use a script to snooze Gmail messages. They do, however, look considerably more user-friendly and well-integrated. Google's tabs, an expansion of its "multiple inboxes" concept, were unveiled in a major redesign last year, after other companies built their reputations on reinventing Gmail with third-party apps. Google has declined to comment on the alleged new features.