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Holograms of M.I.A. and Janelle Monáe will perform two new songs together live

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Joe Mabel

Audi will celebrate the launch of its new A3 tomorrow with a live collaboration between M.I.A. and Janelle Monáe — sort of. Each artist will play a separate set, Monáe from Los Angeles and M.I.A. from New York, but they will perform two brand-new songs together at the end of the night thanks to the magic of hologram technology. Pitchfork reports that "integrated video mapping" is making this happen: the set uses 3D projection mapping to "add layered depth of field perception with animated graphic content." It sounds impressive, but we'll have to see the results before we can say how effective it is. While putting on a bicoastal performance may not be as enticing to some as the holographic resurrection of 2Pac at Coachella in 2012, or a piano battle between a composer and his own hologram, it does present a peculiar trend that could change the meaning of "live" in live music.