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Amazon's Fire TV voice search will support Netflix later this year

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Amazon's voice search is one of the best features you'll find on the Fire TV, and soon it will support Netflix. That bit of news comes directly from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who said "we expect to support voice search later this year" in his company's quarterly letter to investors. Right now, searching Netflix on the Fire TV requires manually entering in the name of a movie or TV show — a clumsy, unintuitive process that Amazon blasted when it first unveiled its set-top box.

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Since rolling out the Fire TV, Amazon has worked quickly to expand support for voice beyond its own Instant Video store. Crackle, Showtime Anytime, and deeper Hulu Plus integration are on the way. Amazon is selling voice search as the Fire TV's "killer app," so getting Netflix on board was likely a high priority for executives at the company.