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Mailbox 2.0 is out for iOS with 'Auto-swipe' predictive archiving

Mailbox 2.0 is out for iOS with 'Auto-swipe' predictive archiving

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Mailbox's biggest update yet is out in the App Store. Version 2.0 of the iOS email app brings "Auto-swipe," a feature that predicts which messages you might want to respond to in a while, which threads you've had enough of, and which messages you'll send straight to the archive folder. "The app very quietly makes suggestions about improving what it does," co-founder Gentry Underwood told The Verge earlier this month, "and when you choose one, you just made Mailbox smarter."

It's a feature in keeping with Mailbox's original mission of helping you achieve inbox zero nirvana; the app works by helping you set reminders for important emails and encouraging you to archive everything unnecessary. Mailbox 2.0 also now uses Dropbox to sync preferences across devices, following the app's acquisition by the cloud storage giant, and there are the usual tweaks and bug fixes.

Correction: This article previously stated that the 2.0 Auto-swipe update was not available for Android. Auto-swipe was included as part of the app's initial rollout.