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SyFy capitalizes on the end of days in new 'Dominion' series

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SyFy's Domion
SyFy's Domion

The End Times are always in vogue, but, between last year's The World's End and Nicolas Cage's upcoming Left Behind reboot, our collective fascination with the apocalypse seems to be trending upward. SyFy is capitalizing on the frenzy with its latest series Dominion, which pits what remains of humanity against an army of angels.

According to SyFy, the series takes place 25 years in the future, after what's known as "The Extinction War," waged by the archangel Gabriel, wipes out most of mankind. Human have by then set up fortress cities, including the central hub city Vega in the ruins of Las Vegas. At the center of it all is the angel Michael, who's turned against the angels in favor of the humans. It all sounds crazy — and it looks the part, too — but that's par for the course given the genre. Viewers can watch the series June 19th.