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Google Play is now selling the Nest thermostat

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Google spent a hefty $3.2 billion on Nest back in January, so it only makes sense that the company would want to sell Nest's signature thermostat through its own storefront. And it's doing just that starting today, with the $249.99 Nest Learning Thermostat now listed on Google Play. That's the same price you'd pay Amazon, Best Buy, Apple (yes, it's still selling Nest for now), or Nest itself for the thermostat, so don't expect any savings from Google.

But there's another, nobler reason to order from Mountain View — at least for one day. Since Nest's mission is to help consumers use energy more efficiently, Google is tying its latest store addition to Earth Day. The company has pledged to plant a tree for each and every Nest ordered today. There's no sign of the Nest Protect yet, but Google could easily add that alongside the slew of other hardware available from Google Play at a later date.