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Twitter rolls out redesigned user profiles to everyone

Twitter rolls out redesigned user profiles to everyone

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After several weeks of testing its redesigned profiles, Twitter has today rolled out the new look to all users. You can enable it for your own account right now. The comprehensive overhaul has made Twitter's profiles much more visual and akin to what you'd expect to see on Facebook or Google+. The first thing you'll notice is the large profile photo on each page and the even bigger cover photo above it. Twitter is encouraging its users to customize these with their personal photos, but the company is also offering some default cover images if you can't find a good one of your own.

Gone is the vertical timeline that for years stuck to a chronological ordering structure; instead, it's been replaced with a mosaic-view of your Twitter activity. (The regular timeline remains unaffected by these changes.) Since its began testing the revised design, the company has added a new "favorites" section for quick access to the tweets you've recently starred. Unfortunately there's not an equally fast way of getting to lists — something power users may not like about the all-new profiles.

But you are now able to pin a single tweet to the top of your profile. Twitter says this can be used in conjunction with your regular bio to help visitors "see what you’re all about." Any tweets you've published that receive a high level of engagement (via retweets, etc.) will appear larger than surrounding tweets. The new profiles are a big departure from what existed before, but the change may prove necessary for Twitter to start growing faster.