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'Flash Gordon' movie reportedly in the works from 'Star Trek 3' writers

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Science-fiction adventure hero Flash Gordon may be heading back to the big screen for the first time in decades. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twentieth Century Fox has picked up the rights to Flash Gordon and is having writers behind the script for Star Trek 3, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, create a screenplay for the comic book series' new adaptation. The film's producer will reportedly be John Davis — who previously was a producer on Predator and, more recently, Chronicle. Bourne Ultimatum writer George Nolfi reportedly wrote the film's treatment for Payne and McKay to work off of.

There's no word on how closely the film will follow Gordon's traditional story, which has him haplessly end up on an alien planet battling its oppressive ruler. The Reporter says various studios have been trying to create a new Flash Gordon series for some time now, but this one appears to have the pieces in place that should keep it moving. In particular, it reports that Davis worked has been working to secure the rights for over a year, so the team involved clearly has the interest.