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Samsung phones are popular, but its apps are not

Samsung phones are popular, but its apps are not

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Samsung users aren't interested in the company's branded messenger, voice-activated search, or app store Samsung Hub, according to a new report. Samsung users vastly prefer Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and the Google Play store to their Samsung counterparts. They spent an average of seven minutes a month using Samsung apps, according to the market research firm Strategy Analytics. That's compared to 11 hours on Facebook alone.

Ubiquity doesn't mean popularity

Samsung has conquered the device market, making its native apps nearly ubiquitous, and its customers spend a lot of time on their phones. However, ubiquity doesn't mean popularity. Users spent a mere six seconds logging into ChatON, the company's native messaging app. "While Samsung devices are 'packed with an army of apps,' users were generally ignoring the company’s pre-bundled software offerings," writes the Wall Street Journal.

The app failure is a significant challenge for Samsung as it tries to build user loyalty independent of the Android ecosystem. "Obviously, Samsung’s dominant position in the market is an ideal vehicle to drive own-branded content services across its installed base, but Samsung should develop a differentiated set of apps that will resonate with its key user base," Strategy Analytics vice president Barry Gilbert said in a press release. In other words: make better apps.