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IFTTT comes to Android

IFTTT comes to Android

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IFTTT, or the app formerly known as If This Then That, just launched a native Android app optimized for phone and tablet-sized screens. IFTTT lets users mash up different services into "recipes" that can do things like automatically download new Facebook photos you're tagged in to Dropbox, send starred emails to Evernote, or call you in response to a text message so you can escape a bad date. But connecting it to a device extends the possibilities even further.

IFTTT Recipe: Share new Instagram vids you like with your Twitter followers connects instagram to twitter

The new app comes with six Android-specific channels: device settings, location, notifications, SMS, phone calls, and photos, with more to come. You can now use IFTTT to do things like silence your ringtone when you connect to your office Wi-Fi, and turn it back on when you get home. You can also back up your text messages to Google Drive, automatically save new photos from your phone to Flickr, and set your phone's wallpaper to match your most recent Instagram photo, to give more examples.

This is all old news for iPhone users, who have had their own app since last summer. But for Android users, it opens up new avenues for creativity.