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Just two men are tasked with taking care of OpenSSL

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OpenSSL is a key security backbone for untold thousands of websites to make sure strangers can't see what you're doing. But as the Heartbleed bug has revealed, this essential tool is in dire need of support; the hodgepodge team in charge of upkeep for the open source protocol is severely understaffed and underpaid. Buzzfeed has published a wonderful feature story on the two men who have been primarily responsible for OpenSSL for more than a decade, and it provides a look into just how a simple flaw like Heartbleed could have made it into the code. Thankfully, if one good thing has come out of this massive security breach, it's that OpenSSL may get some of the attention that it needs — there are already efforts to secure more funding for the project, and BuzzFeed reports that the team plans on bringing in a second full-time developer soon.