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Microsoft’s first Nokia ad plays on its underdog status

Microsoft’s first Nokia ad plays on its underdog status

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25,000 Nokia employees are joining Microsoft today after the company acquired Nokia's devices and services unit last week. While many workers are tweeting their new employee badges in a series of selfies today, Microsoft has used the first working day of its Nokia phone acquisition to place its own branding on a new web ad for Nokia. Entitled "not like everybody else," the new ad plays up Microsoft’s third place in smartphones with a touch of color and a Kinks classic to claim it’s different from the competition.

It's not the first time Microsoft has tried to position Windows Phone as something different. The first commercial for Windows Phone, back in 2010, took a slightly different and odd approach by marketing Microsoft's mobile software as something that consumers wouldn't obsess over. A more recent ad depicted Samsung and Apple smartphone owners in a wedding fight, positioning Windows Phone as the alternative. Nokia also opted for different with its first Lumia ad. The latest ad, with Microsoft branding included, might not be as crazy as some of Nokia's past efforts, but it's Microsoft's first attempt as a smartphone maker to convince the masses that Windows Phone is different enough to be worth buying into.