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    Can a vacuum brew the perfect cup of tea?

    Can a vacuum brew the perfect cup of tea?

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    Have you always dreamed of brewing a rich and consistent glass of tea for yourself every morning? Are you too impatient to steep it in boiling water for several minutes the way that people have done for thousands of years? There's now a high-tech tea brewing solution that can create the glass of your dreams faster than you may have ever hoped: Bkon's upcoming Craft Brewer repeatedly infuses tea by sealing it in a vacuum, apparently allowing it to create the perfect glass in about a minute's time.

    Tea steeping might normally take up to four or five minutes

    Bkon says that by drawing air out of the tea's brewing chamber, the leaves will quickly and thoroughly release flavorful gases and particles into the surrounding water. Its machine can perform several vacuum infusions over a single minute, and the timing and cycles can be changed based on what exactly you're brewing. Bkon says the machine can be used for brewing coffee and making infused cocktails too, though the machine is distinctly built around use with tea leaves.

    The machine isn't on sale just yet, but it's been in testing at a small number of cafes for a little while now, including Starbucks' Teavana pilot store in New York. That's probably your best bet for trying a glass of its supposedly perfectly brewed tea: according to Sprudge, the machine will cost around $13,000 when it eventually goes on sale, with an initial set of machines coming in June and a full production run coming in fall. Fortunately, there are other ways to a good glass of tea. As Bkon's co-founder explained in a video demonstrating the machine's capabilities last year, "It's impossible to do this with any other method, other than a teapot, boiling water, and six minutes of time."