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Firefox gets a revamped look, improved features in latest release

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Mozilla today released the latest version of Firefox, revamping the browser's overall look and feel in the process. Based on roughly two years of work, version 29 emphasizes customizability and ease-of-use in a way that radically departs from previous iterations — and puts it more in line with browsers like Chrome than ever before.

In a blog post announcing the release, the company states that changes really come to bear in the updated tabs and menus. The chrome is much sleeker at a glance, and resembles its Google competitor right away. Menus, meanwhile, have been updated to be fully customizable, allowing the user to surface specific features and plugins to the browser bar on the fly. Bookmarks can also be added with just a click.

The new update also comes with changes for mobile, an area that Mozilla has spent an increasing amount of resources on in recent months. Deeper under the hood, Firefox Sync has been updated to allow for easy syncing across devices. Users will need to set up a Firefox Account to access the feature, after which they can access saved passwords, bookmarks, and their browsing history when they start a new session on their Android smartphone.