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'Uncharted' director Amy Hennig joins 'Dead Space' studio for new 'Star Wars' game

'Uncharted' director Amy Hennig joins 'Dead Space' studio for new 'Star Wars' game

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Uncharted writer and director Amy Henning left Naughty Dog last month under circumstances said to be acrimonious, but she's found a new home at EA's Visceral Games. The studio developed the popular Dead Space sci-fi horror series and is working on an untitled Star Wars project; Hennig will take the role of creative director. The game will be one of the first Star Wars titles since EA signed a deal with Disney to take over the franchise following LucasArts' demise.

"Two amazing things entered my life in 1977 — 'Star Wars' and the Atari 2600."

"Two amazing things entered my life in 1977 — Star Wars and the Atari 2600," said Hennig on Twitter. "This opportunity is the confluence of the two most influential experiences of my youth, and I couldn't be more excited to go on this journey. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the Star Wars universe, after it's had such a formative influence on my life."

"I’ve always admired [Hennig's] approach to creative development — focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design, and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player," said Visceral VP Steve Papoutsis. "This fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to do here at Visceral and Amy’s going to help us continue in our pursuit to make the most thrilling, immersive games in the world."