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Motorola's next smartphone will be 'priced for all,' launch on May 13th

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"Made to last. Priced for all."

LG revealed its planned launch date for the G3 earlier today and now Motorola is following up with its own invitation to a new smartphone launch, this one dated for May 13th. Unlike its big Android competitors, Motorola seems to be dodging the fight for the premium market and focusing on building more affordable devices. The company's note speaks of the next smartphone being intended to "connect more people to the world's information and each other," while promising it will be "made to last [and] priced for all."

Motorola already has such a device in its portfolio in the well received Moto G, so this could be either a successor to that phone or a handset going even further down in price. Perhaps the most intriguing possibility is for the Moto G to be refreshed with a broadly unchanged design but the addition of LTE — the next generation of the G's processor promises to lower the cost of LTE devices and the new handset could be among the first to use it. Whatever it may be, Motorola's new phone is set to launch in London in two weeks' time.