Be forewarned: there are some serious season three spoilers ahead.

When HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones first premiered, there was one moment that fans of the long-running book series had been waiting to see play out, and last season they got it. For the uninitiated, the so-called Red Wedding killed off several main characters that had been around since the show’s inception — and did so in spectacularly brutal fashion. The bloodbath totaled less than five minutes of screen time, but it resonated because of Game of Thrones’ modus operandi: giving audiences a long slow build before unleashing gut-wrenching fury. The plotting, the witticisms — yes, even the gratuitous amounts of nudity and violence — represent hours of investment into major characters, so when they eventually meet their less-than-noble deaths, you feel it.

So now that Game of Thrones is returning on HBO this Sunday, there’s really just one question to ask: how much more devastating can things get?