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'Game of Thrones' has shown more than 5,000 onscreen deaths in three years

'Game of Thrones' has shown more than 5,000 onscreen deaths in three years


It's the bloodshed it doesn't show that should concern you

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There is absolutely no question that Game of Thrones revels in its violence and bloodshed. Oftentimes the killing is an up-close and personal affair — making the times our favorite characters get offed all the more traumatic — but given how widespread the War of Five Kings is, the body count has gotten pretty high in the last three seasons. With season 4 only a day awayDigg managed to compile every onscreen death the show has ever inflicted on its audience in three years. It estimates a grand total of 5,179 lost lives, but even that can't come close to how much killing happens on the show.

Major spoilers ahead:

It, of course, helps that all the murder is set to Put On a Happy Face. Just keep in mind that Game of Thrones is even bloodier than this video could ever hope to illustrate. Working with fan estimates, The Red Wedding alone saw the deaths of roughly 3,500 Northmen. Then there are the babies slaughtered on King Joffrey's orders — murders we don't technically see, but certainly know about from the screams. Then there are the hundreds of Night's Watchmen killed by wights and White Walkers at the Fist of the First Men. Then there are the Yunkish warriors killed during the Battle of Yunkai. It goes on and on. Frankly, 5,179 death is a little generous, and showrunners Benioff and Weiss should be commended for keeping the already over-the-top bloodletting at least somewhat in check. There just isn't enough room for the rest on TV.