I was inches away from head-butting my television.

It wasn't because I just watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother, or because of the Maple Leafs' most recent crushing loss — I just really needed a goal. After a back-and-forth game of soccer, it was overtime, and I needed the next goal to win. I had just punched a shot out of the corner to keep my opponent from scoring, and after a few passes upfield, it was my turn. I chipped the ball in front of the net, dove for the header, and narrowly put it over the keeper for the win. But my momentum also brought me close to diving into my TV — playing Kinect soccer in your living room can be dangerous.

Ever since the transformative release of Wii Sports, sports-themed mini-game collections have been the go-to way to show off new motion-sensing controls. After Nintendo showed the world the promise of its Wii remote, Sony followed suit with Sports Champions, a showcase for its new Move controller, and a few months later Microsoft did the same with Kinect Sports. None of these games had the same impact as Wii Sports, which was more than a tech demo: it was a new vision for video games beyond the buttons and joysticks we were used to. And even as the technology has improved, five years later the best Xbox and PlayStation games are still played with a controller.

With its new and improved Kinect for the Xbox One, Microsoft is taking another shot with yet another collection of sports games. When it works as intended, Kinect Sports Rivals feels like the future, a new way of playing games that makes that Xbox One controller on my coffee table feel outdated. But amazing tech doesn’t always make for a fun game.