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Microsoft will let you share Xbox One clips on YouTube starting tomorrow

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Sharing your best Titanfall moments with the Xbox One's upload feature is pretty seamless, but Microsoft's choice to limit video uploads to OneDrive isn't exactly convenient. Thankfully the company is heeding the call of its users and will enable uploads to YouTube beginning tomorrow. An update for the YouTube app will let gamers share their highlights to the video service via a new "My Uploads" section. Recording game clips and editing them works just as it has ever since the Xbox launched; you'll simply need to hop over to the YouTube app to upload them there.

YouTube is also gaining other new features as part of tomorrow's update. Videos can now be viewed in Snap mode, and you can even add individual YouTube clips to the Xbox One Pins section. Frequent YouTube viewers will now have the chance to earn media achievements, and your subscribed YouTube channels will show up in OneGuide for faster access right within the console's TV section.