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The world's most high-tech stadium is getting a green roof

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Courtesy of ShoP Architects
Courtesy of ShoP Architects
ShoP Architects

When Brooklyn's Barclays Center opened in 2012, the only thing it lacked was a "green roof," a verdant patch of landscape that would have served as a public plaza. Those plans were cut out of the final design, but according to The Wall Street Journal, developer Forest City Ratner plans on resurrecting the plans and planting greenery on the stadium's roof.

Right now, the arena's roof is simply white with a Barclay's symbol emblazoned in the center. However, when Forest City Ratner and design partner SHoP Architects complete their remodeling, the roof will have small plants and soil covering a 130,000-square-foot expanse. The new feature won't be open to the public, though. Instead, the patch will serve the dual purpose of improving the view (and property value) in the surrounding Prospect Heights neighborhood and to help muffle noise coming from live events. That's a good thing — the city gave Barclays a $3,200 noise violation fine after a Swedish House Mafia concert last year.