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Android TV: a brief history of Google's battle for the living room

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Android TV is old news. 'Musk See TV' is in. Introducing Elon Musk's vision for the future of television. After installing your 'Musk,' simply sit down on your couch and let the box do the rest for you. ‘Musk See TV’ will beam directly into your eyes, allowing you to tilt your head back and rest it against the wall without missing a second of programming. The box also comes with a drool catcher allowing you to enter an almost comatose state without getting saliva on your shirt. Once the box decides that you have reached the maximum amount of entertainment your mind can handle, it releases you from its visual grasp and allows you to continue on with the rest of your bland existence. Be warned though… once you start using the box, there is no stopping.

Story of the day:

Hosted by Sam Sheffer. Written by Ross Miller and Nathan Cykiert. Video Production by John Lagomarsino.