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*Celebrating* Antergos (Arch) Linux on 2012 Macbook Pro! :)


Just doing a happy dance as I have Antergos (Arch Linux) installed and working PERFECTLY on my 2012 Macbook Pro 13"

It worked very very easily and I only ran into a few minor snags.

For anyone interested:

1. When you put in a disc and hold option, do NOT choose EFI (the livecd will work but install will not) - choose "Windows"

2. The disc/installer does not come with a driver for the broadcom wifi. Install with ethernet plugged in. Then do a pacman -Sy yaourt to install an AUR package manager, then yaourt b43-firmware

3. Lastly, I had wifi dropping out every 10-15 minutes. I played around for about an hour last night before I realized what was happening: competing wifi drivers were killing my connection.

I just had to do:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and in the blank file just entered the line "blacklist bcma" (no quotes)

I know the odds of anyone here seeing this or wanting to do this are slim, but I'm just blown away by how easy the process was.

Linux has come a very, very long way. The trackpad works BEAUTIFULLY, feature buttons work out of the box (backlight control, media buttons), etc. Everything is clean, fast, smooth, and polished.

I've used Linux since Mandrake 7 off and on, and this is the most impressive experience yet!