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Rotten Tomatoes will score each 'Game of Thrones' episode this season

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Rotten Tomatoes began aggregating TV reviews for the first time last year, and its television section may soon start to get a whole lot bigger. The site plans to collect reviews for every episode of Game of Thrones this season, rather than just scoring the season as a whole. The Wrap reports that Rotten Tomatoes plans to do the same for other shows with large fan bases too, though it isn't naming which those might be just yet.

Such granular rankings likely won't be useful for series that don't nearly receive as much weekly attention as Game of Thrones, so it makes sense to keep the feature limited. Rotten Tomatoes reportedly hopes that starting with such a popular series will help to bring attention to its new TV section too. Though only a single episode has been aired, you can already see what it looks like for Game of Thrones by visiting the page for season four's premiere episode.