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Solar-powered DJ table lets you party until curfew

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You don't need a bagful of CDs or even electricity to make music on a solar-powered, outdoor DJ table called the Fono. All you need is a smartphone set to play music out of its speakers. Then teens just place their device in the middle of the Fono's mobile pickup pad so that the DJ table can amplify the audio.

Yalp InterActive, the creators of the eco-friendly DJ booth, says the Fono DJ table is intended to be a meeting place for youth that "challenges them to express themselves in a creative way." It's far from a professional DJ table but the Fono does include features like physical turntables, a crossfader and the ability to add effects. The company also told The Verge that all the electronics are safely encased inside the concrete table, making them resistant to both harsh weather and vandalism attempts. You can try out the €18,500 installation at a variety of Fono-occupied cities in Europe and Australia. There are also plans to put a special Fono in Ibiza sometime in the future.