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Syfy adapting Les Grossman's 'The Magicians' for TV

Syfy adapting Les Grossman's 'The Magicians' for TV

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Syfy has announced that it's developing a new hour-long television drama based upon Lev Grossman's acclaimed novel The Magicians. Comparable to a grown-up Harry Potter universe laced with sex and drugs, The Magicians pivots around a group of New York-based twenty-year-olds embroiled in a world where magic exists. Sera Gamble, former Supernatural showrunner, and In Plain Sight's John McNamara are on board as executive producers and writers for the project.

It's one of several new projects that Syfy hopes to bring to life. The company also announced that it is working on adaptations of two popular graphic novels. Clone, with The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman set as executive producer, will sound familiar to fans of Orphan Black: it's about a retired soldier that is forced to unravel a vast government conspiracy when he discoveres a clone of himself has broken into his house. Writer and director Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Breakdown) is set to lead a series adaptation of Letter 44, which centers around an incoming US president that learns a massive alien presence is near Earth — and a crew of astronauts are already on their way to intervene.

Development is just one step on the long road to series, but given the level of talent involved we imagine we'll be seeing more than a few of these shows make it to your living room, further solidifying the aggressive push Syfy has been making in recent months towards higher-quality programing.