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Amazon's same-day delivery expands to more cities

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San Francisco and Dallas get the super-fast service with new 'get it today' search

Amazon has expanded its same-day delivery service in the United States. The web retail giant has officially added San Francisco and Dallas to the list of cities in which the delivery option is available, and has increased the amount of time customers have to order their items in some other regions. It now lists Los Angeles as well, not just the San Bernardino area east of the city. The additions mean that Amazon now offers same-day delivery in 12 metropolitan areas.

Many other cities in which Amazon same-day delivery was already available have had their deadlines for ordering goods pushed back. Customers in Indianapolis, for example, will now be able to order Amazon items as late as 11:30 AM and expect them to arrive on the same day, where previously they had to place their order by 7 AM to receive the service. These expansions have come at a cost, though — Amazon is forcing customers in New York to place their same-day orders 30 minutes earlier than before, and removing the option of same-day delivery in Las Vegas. The service had been offered in the Nevada city since it was introduced in 2009.

Amazon is removing the delivery option for customers in Las Vegas

The company has also added search filters to make looking for goods that will arrive on the same day of purchase simpler, and reportedly reduced the price of that shipping for Amazon Prime customers. The changes come a week after The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was building up its delivery network. Amazon currently relies upon companies such as UPS and FedEx to deliver its packages, but The WSJ says that by using smaller carriers and its own in-house delivery trucks and drivers,  Amazon could end up competing against the logistics powerhouses.

Update May 1st, 12:22PM: Amazon contacted us to clarify that same-day delivery had been available in Dallas and San Francisco since earlier this year but wasn't announced until today.