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Google Now remembers where you parked your car

Google Now remembers where you parked your car

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Google is making it a bit easier to get back to your car when you've parked in an unfamiliar city, at the mall, a concert, or any other spot that poses a challenge for those with a poor sense of direction. The company's Google Now assistant will now recognize when you've left a moving vehicle and automatically keep track of your car's last location. There's no magic happening here: Google does all of this using your smartphone's bevy of sensors. It's essentially guesswork, and the company readily admits that it may sometimes guess wrong. "You may see parking location cards even if you didn’t park your car," the company says on a help page addressing the new feature. "For example, these cards could show up after you exit a bus or a friend’s car."


Users can customize when parking location cards are displayed or choose to turn them off entirely. Using Google Maps to help find your way back to a parking spot has always been easy; all it takes is the drop of a pin. But it's now basically effortless thanks to Google Now. The parking location cards will show up once you've updated to the latest version of Google Search on Android.