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This could be Amazon's smartphone

This could be Amazon's smartphone

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After first publishing images of a prototype, BGR has come back with the first clear look at Amazon's upcoming smartphone. At first glance — and free from the bulky case that hid the prototype's true design — the device bears a strong resemblance to Google's Nexus 4 with what looks to be glass on both sides and a soft-touch perimeter.

Combine the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5, and this is what you get

The front is much closer to an iPhone thanks to its chamfered edges, earpiece design, and what looks to be a home button below the display. A volume toggle, SIM slot, and another button are visible on the phone's left side, with a micro USB port at the bottom. The pictured device is browsing the Kindle ebook store, so unfortunately it doesn't reveal much about Amazon's software plans. It will undoubtedly be running a version of Fire OS, but it remains to be seen what customizations Amazon has made for the smaller form factor.

BGR says multiple sources have confirmed that the image is legitimate and an accurate render of Amazon's long awaited phone. Again we see the four cameras — one in each corner — that will reportedly power its head-tracking technology and offer a unique 3D-like user experience. Previous reports have claimed that Amazon will officially unveil its smartphone in June with plans to ship it to consumers sometime this fall.