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Beats Music launches full-featured iPad app

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Beats Music may be struggling with its subscriber count, but fortunately the company is continuing to iterate on its still-new streaming music offering — the company has just released version 2.0 of its iOS app, which brings much-needed iPad support. It doesn't offer anything new over the previous iPhone version, but now iPad users can run Beats without having use the unpleasant, scaled-up phone app. It's a solid and attractive update — it uses the full iPad screen well to present all of Beats' main features, including the customized "Just for You" recommendation sentence and the auto playlist generator "The Sentence." Music can be stored offline for when you don't have an internet connection, as well.

Beats teased the new update in a tweet yesterday, saying that "something big" was coming in the next day, but this update should have been in place from day one — both Spotify and Rdio have long offered full-featured iPad apps. Now we're just waiting for Beats to offer either a much-improved web app or a dedicated desktop option to meet full parity with its biggest competition.