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'Rock Band' creator's new iOS rhythm game creates levels around your own music

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The studio behind Rock Band has a new rhythm game out for the iPhone and iPad that creates its levels around each player's own music collection. Record Run, which was released last week, is a fairly simple game as far as those that come from developer Harmonix go: the game involves swiping up and down and side to side in order to dodge, jump over, or slide under obstacles blocking a character's path as it bounces down the street to the tune of whatever song a player is listening to. It can be frustratingly difficult when you choose a song that you aren't familiar with, but once you're able to (quite literally) get in the groove with whatever song is playing, Record Run opens up into a bouncy and fun way to experience some of your favorite tracks.

How many songs you can add is limitedThe game is basic and repetitive though, constantly giving players new goals to tackle while they try to set a better high score. That makes playing different songs you own key to keeping the game fun, but unfortunately, you won't be able to try them all one after the other: Record Run is free to play and limits how many songs you can add at first. You're able to unlock plenty more by accomplishing various objectives, and naturally, it offers the option to pay for the ability to unlock them too. The game is only on iOS for now, but Harmonix says it'll head to Android soon.

Even though its gameplay isn't particularly complicated, it has a fun cartoon style that makes it reminiscent of an old console game, and it does a good job of translating players' music into gameplay in comprehensible ways. Of course, that's to be expected: this type of game is what Harmonix is known for. Aside from developing Rock Band and the original Guitar Hero titles, it's been creating gorgeous and complex rhythm games for well over a decade now. It even created a simple Guitar Hero-style game for the iPod classic back in 2007, called Phase, that was based around a player's own music library, just like Record RunRecord Run doesn't quite reach for the same depth as some of Harmonix's earlier titles though. But fortunately, for those who missed them the first time or are eager to play them again, one of its best is headed to Kickstarter to fund an HD remake.