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LG releases new G Watch video and announces three new G Pad tablets

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LG "defines the smartwatch," according to a G Watch promo video released on Sunday. Set to inexplicably dramatic background music, the clip highlights the upcoming smartwatch's Android compatibility, waterproof exterior, and potential to be "ready for anything, anytime with a single charge." Unfortunately, LG does not reveal how long a single charge will last. The video also provides a closer look at the metal-bodied G Watch's structure and a glimpse of its user interface. Neither a price nor a release date is divulged in the video.

The South Korean company also revealed that three new tablets — G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.1 — will be joining the G Pad 8.3 on the market. "Unlike smartphones, tablets are not one size fits all," Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Electronics' mobile division, said in a statement. The new devices, named for their respective sizes, will come with QPair 2.0 and Knock Code. QPair 2.0, an updated version of QPair, syncs notifications between tablets and smartphones while adding the ability to respond directly from the G Pad. Knock Code is an existing phone locking system that lets users secure their devices through a pattern of taps. Pricing and detailed specifications will be announced locally in the coming weeks.