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Canadian teen arrested for making more than 30 swatting calls

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A 16-year-old Ontario resident has been arrested for a string of fraudulent calls to police, including a number of "swatting calls" that attempted to summon teams of heavily armed police to the target's home. Working from the Twitter account @ProbablyOnion2, the teen offered to call the police on any target, and ended up making dozens of fraudulent calls. Unfortunately, one of his targets was reporter Brian Krebs, who promptly tracked down the assailant's name and address from an earlier ID leak.

Swatting has become an increasingly common trend thanks to the militarization of police forces and the increased availability of trace-resistant phone services. Still, the bulk of the culprits are under 18, and generally treat the action as a harmless prank, despite the potentially serious consequences. "This is a fairly new phenomenon for Ottawa," a local police officer told the Ottawa Citizen. "These irresponsible incidents have created real fear in people, put public safety at risk, and disrupted entire communities where these events have occurred."