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IKEA will open museum at original location in Sweden

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Ulf Bodin / Flickr

Furniture giant IKEA plans on opening a museum for their wares in 2015. According to the AFP, the proposed museum will open in Älmhult, Sweden, where the company's first store opened to the public in 1943. By 2012, however, the store had moved to a new site, creating an overwhelming opportunity to look back on 70 years of ready-to-assemble furniture. "We intend to tell stories not only on our product range, but also on how the IKEA business developed and about people," said the site's managing director Michele Acuna. "And of course to give a fun and interactive experience to visitors." How that fun might be had is currently unclear. However, vinyl enthusiasts still mourning the death of the Expedit shelving unit may want to book their flights to Älmhult soon.