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Spoon collection stolen from President Garfield's tomb

Spoon collection stolen from President Garfield's tomb


Really, who takes spoons?

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Thirteen nearly worthless commemorative spoons were stolen from President James A. Garfield's tomb, a 180-foot-tall structure located in an Ohio cemetery, according to the Washington Post. The spoons reportedly came from Garfield's inauguration as the 20th US president and each have his face engraved in their handle and an image of what seems to be his Ohio home engraved on the actual teaspoon. Lake View Cemetery, where the tomb is located, is apparently puzzled by the break in, as other objects and even cash left in a donation box were reportedly left alone inside the tomb.

The break-in happened sometime last Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, with those responsible shattering a window to gain entrance, according to Several small demitasse espresso cups were apparently taken as well. Police reportedly found a T-shirt, an empty bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, and two cigarette butts nearby and hope to collect DNA from them. A fingerprint was also taken from the glass case from which the spoons were stolen. The cemetery's president, who assessed the spoons' value for the Post, also said that they would be hard to sell even if someone wanted to — she tells the Post that they were probably just stolen so that someone could prove they'd broken in.