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Watch the live-action fan trailer for 'Akira'

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Even though the live-action adaptation of Akira is only ostensibly underway, the fans are now officially ahead of Hollywood.  The Akira Project, a group that originally set out to produce a live-action trailer of their own back in 2012, has finally released a proper glimpse at what Akira in the real world could look like.

For the trailer, the group cherry-picks some of the most iconic scenes from the film — like the opening scene and Tetsuo's assault on the city — and renders them as realistically as possible. It works for the most part, too, even if the production can get lost in all the CG. All things considered, though, the trailer can at times veer on the cheesy side. (If you listen carefully, you can hear some classic Hollywood stock audio screaming going on.) Still, it's fun, making it clear that the Akira Project has spent the last two years lovingly crafting Neo-Tokyo and its inhabitants — which is already a step ahead of Hollywood director Jaume Collett-Serra's dismissive comments about the property's characters.