The possibilities of time travel are endless. You could fight to save the future like John Connor, or even fall in love in reverse like in The Time Traveler's Wife. Or maybe you just want to stop the meteor that killed the dinosaurs so you can see what it's like to have a triceratops as a best friend like in Super Time Force.

Out tomorrow for Xbox One and 360, Super Time Force is an absurd romp of a game. You control a team of time-traveling mercenaries, intent on changing the past and future in order to make the present as awesome as possible — which involves everything from selling the Holy Grail for a quick buck on eBay to turning the lost city of Atlantis into a tourist destination off the coast of Florida.

But time travel is more than just an excuse to send you into disparate locations like a post-apocalyptic future or Philadelphia circa 1980. It's also central to the gameplay — you can rewind time at any point and fight alongside multiple versions of yourself. It's chaotic and confusing, and it turns Super Time Force into much more than just another retro game.