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LG’s return to Windows Phone revealed in leaked image

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LG created a handset for the original Windows Phone 7 launch back in 2010, but the company skipped Windows Phone 8 and it looked like it might never return to Microsoft’s mobile software. A recently leaked image from @evleaks appears to show an upcoming LG Windows Phone 8.1 handset. There’s no indications whether the specifications will match handsets like LG’s G2 or even the upcoming G3, but the "Uni8" handset looks like it will mark LG’s return to Windows Phone.

Microsoft confirmed LG’s plans to create Windows Phone 8.1 handsets when the company announced hardware partners for the software update earlier this year. Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung, ZTE, and others will all produce Windows Phone 8.1 devices. HTC is also still listed as a Windows Phone 8.1 partner, despite not launching any handsets running Microsoft’s mobile software for a number of months now. @Evleaks has hinted that HTC is preparing a "W8" flagship handset for Verizon.