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Spotify’s Windows Phone app overhauled with new design and features

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Spotify is overhauling its Windows Phone 8 app today. Alongside a completely redesigned UI that’s similar to Spotify’s Android version, the latest Windows Phone update also provides access to the Browse, Radio, and Discover features of Spotify. All three were missing from the previous app, which has mostly remained the same since its introduction back in November 2011. Browse provides quick access to playlists and curated lists of songs, Discover is a personalized recommendations page that suggests songs and albums based partly on what your friends are listening to, and Radio lets you create your own stations or choose one based on music genre.

The app appears to be totally rewritten, which brings a great deal of performance improvements and the added functionality. While the app is nearly on par with the Android and iOS equivalents, Spotify’s free mobile service is still missing, but the company does plan to provide this in a future update. All that’s left now is for Spotify to turn its app into a universal one that works across both Windows and Windows Phone, as the company doesn’t currently offer an app for Windows 8 tablets. The latest Windows Phone 8 update is available immediately from the Windows Phone Store.