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'Wayward Pines' promises to be more than a 'Twin Peaks' rehash

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In the official trailer for Fox's new "event series" Wayward Pines, the proceedings seem to have all the earmarks of a Twin Peaks rip-off. The Pacific Northwest setting. A special agent investigating mysterious disappearances in an even more mysterious town. However, matters quickly take a turn when he finds that he can't leave, turning what started out looking like a lazy rehash (with an unfortunate M. Night Shyamalan credit) into something that looks pretty good.

Starring Matt Dillon as Special Agent Ethan Burke, the series is based on Blake Crouch's bestselling series Pines. Joining Dillon in what's clearly a blend of several sci-fi series — Lost and The Prisoner included — is a fairly all-star cast, including Oscar nominees Juliette Lewis and Terrence Howard. Given that Fox has done a pretty solid job with its grittier properties over the years, maybe this show will take off.