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Jawbone smartens UP fitness tracker with driving data from Automatic

Jawbone smartens UP fitness tracker with driving data from Automatic

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There are numerous ways to track your fitness today. Whether it's through an app, a bracelet, or a chest-worn heart monitor, if there's a stat about your activity that you want to monitor, you can do it. But the key thing that virtually every fitness tracking platform — from Fitbit to Nike, Basis to S Health — is lacking, is context. They can all tell you how active or inactive you might be, but they don't do much to tell you why.

Jawbone is taking another step to add context to its UP fitness tracker today. Through a partnership with Automatic, the Jawbone UP app now integrates driving data into its overall report on your wellness. When paired with Automatic's car monitor, the app will be able to determine if you missed your step goal for the day because you spent extra time in the car, or how much of an influence walking one day to work instead of taking the car has on your overall health.

Integrating driving data is a small step towards making a complete picture of your health, and when compared to other, more influential, outside stressors, it doesn't seem very significant. Still, if fitness trackers are ever going to truly give us an overall report on our well-being, they are going to need all of the context they can get. The new Automatic integration in Jawbone UP is available today in both the Android and iOS versions of the app.